Hardware Edit

The console uses the same shell as the Revo K101 Plus[1] GBA hardware clone, but is based on different hardware.

Revision 1 Hardware Edit

CPU JZ4760 MIPS Dual Core (one core dedicated to video decoding only)
GPU Vivante GC200 2D accelerator
Screen LCD 3" 320x480 (non-square pixel layout) with an effective resolution of 320x240
Sound Headphone jack and build-in speaker (identical to a speaker from a GBA-SP)
Storage 2 micro-SDHC slots. One internal and one external in an included GBA-sized cartridge.

A 4GB micro-SD card comes bundled with the console.

Battery BL-5B 890mah user-replaceable battery
Ports Mini-USB for data and charging.

GBA Link port is built-in, but not connected to any data line on the PCB and thus not possible to utilize.

The GBA-sized cartridge port does not work with any other card except for the supplied micro-SD adapter.

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